Scientific Analysis of Whether Phen375 is better than the Duromine Fat Loss Pill

Duromine and Phen375 are two of the most popular weight loss pill brands that can help you in shedding off all the extra pounds without dieting or engaging in any strenuous physical activity. Also, the end result of every weight reduction pill is the same- you end up losing a lot of weight visibly. So, the usage efficiency of these pills is not that important as is the mode of weight loss action of these pills. Weight loss pills work due to a combination of number of methods and the safety of any weight loss pill can only be determined if you properly understand the weight loss procedure used by it.

The weight loss pill Duromine might be able to help you with weight loss, but it contains a very deterring compound known as Lonamin. This compound Lonamin when combines itself with another compound of the pill known as Adipex, then it disturbs the body enzyme cycle to such an extent that the user doesn’t feel like eating anything. This ill effect occurs due to the alteration of the hormone cycle due to which the body doesn’t get even the minimum nutritional requirement. That makes the Duromine users very weak and nutrient deprived. In fact many users complain that they experience a lot of side effects by the usage of Duromine like eyesight weakening, disrupted bowel movements, uneasiness, dry skin, heart palpitations etc.

But phen375 causes body fat loss due to a different kind of mechanism. It works by increasing the basal metabolic rate of the body. The metabolic rate of the body is raised due to the presence of natural compounds that naturally boost the enzyme level of the body. The phen375 pills contain a powerful combination of 5 different types of enzyme boosting complexes that work in synergy to increase the level of calorie burnout naturally. It helps in triggering your brain to not crave for unhealthy or fatty food. The users who used phen375 pills were taken by a pleasant surprise that they never felt like having cheat meals during the consumption of phen375. Almost all users of phen375 reviews gave positive feedback that the weight loss pill was very effective in hunger controlling.

Thus, the above scientific analysis reveals that phen375 is much superior to the Duromine for healthy and systematic weight loss. Not only the Phen375 produce good weight loss results in very short span time, but it doesn’t pose any threat to the natural enzyme cycle and digestive system of the body. So, the question that `is phen375 better than Duromine is well answered thus.